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WOMAD 2013: Metamorphosis I & II

Ashley Turner asked us to help out with lighting and interactivity for his totemic installations at WOMAD 2013.

Each totem was lit internally per segment and the framework delineated by LED strip. Two TVs provided varied feedback depending on the time of day. Each had its own set of basic sensor inputs.

For Metamorphosis I at night, positional data from Doug Makinson’s adjacent Cusp installation dictated the energy of light chases in the Totem, while a webcam feed displayed the action for those who couldn’t get a spot around the incredibly popular mechanism. By day we took the data from Cusp’s movement and used it to generate kaleidoscopic patterns on-screen.

Metamorphosis II was a more emotional totem. By day kids would blow into a microphone at the base, causing bubbles to stream from the top like bath-time in a wigwam skyscraper. This was only possible every 90 seconds when an on-screen bubble wand would rise up and its bubble mix would quiver enticingly in a virtual breeze.

By night Meta II reacted to energetic movement, cycling through different colour and chase states until finally belching smoke from the mouths/eyes of illustrations at the top.

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Both totems are WOMAD owned, so we’re looking forward to their appearance at the next show.

Creator/Director: Ashley Turner at Ashdesign
Printed Artwork: Fane Flaws
Chris from Mulk provided interactivity, lighting design and general assistance with the design and build.

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